Warranty Services

Warranty Service

♦ All products supplied and installed by Sonha have a warranty period of 1 to 2 years in accordance with manufacturers’ standards

♦  Services are perfomed by qualified, enthusiastic, skillful, experienced technicians having full set of modern specialized equipments.

♦ Service hotline number 0934546008 is available day and night for

► Providing users’ manuals (how to use product properly)

► Answering technical questions from agents and customers

► Receiving warranty claims, remote troubleshooting of simple problems


♦ Response time to the site:

► In Hanoi: Serviceman can be dispatched within 24 hous

► Outside Hanoi: Serviceman can be dispatched within 48 hous

♦ Optimized solutions for customers:

► Simple problem can be fixed at site;

► With serious problem, a spare part can be used temporarily to ensure continuous operation

♦ Provide free of charge inspection for operator of highly intensive use during warranty period



Telephone Operator 24/7:+84913226008

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