Inflatable Dock Shelter

Inflatable Dock Shelter is designed to serve the loading and unloading of goods in cold storage or places with high air permeability or for the purpose of controlling temperature, insects, and limiting dust and water. rain and harmful elements.

Inflatable Dock Shelters have an inflatable system that helps inflate the expanding airbags to cover the gaps created by the difference in size between the import-export door and the container, thereby creating a closed import-export system completely sealed.

The extension length of the top airbag can reach 1200 mm, and the side extension width can reach 800 mm, to effectively compensate for the constant height difference of the vehicle.

Structure of Inflatable Dock Shelter

→ The frame is made from super durable aluminum alloy, anti-rust, anti-abrasion, and good impact resistance.

→ Airbags are made from UPVC-coated polyester curtain, impact-resistant material, woven very firmly.

→ High pressure fan

Benefits of Inflatable Dock Shelter

→ Durable operation, good impact and weather resistance

→ Easy operation with simple operations

→ High level of safety during operation

→ Helps prevent heat loss, prevent dust, and save electricity

→ Improve productivity of import and export activities

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