Installing 59 sets of swing doors for windows at Mu Cang Chai resort

Posted: 22/03/2024

Located next to Vietnam's legendary terraced fields, Mu Cang Chai Resort is not only an ideal destination for those who love nature but also a wonderful place to relax amidst the peaceful space of the Northwest mountains and forests. . With unique architecture combined with dedicated customer service, the resort has become a bright spot in the hearts of visitors.

Mu Cang Chai Resort has just completed the installation of 59 sets of swing doors for windows, creating an airy space, receiving natural wind and warm light for each room. The combination of modern design and natural materials has created harmony, creating a unique highlight for the resort.

Come and experience the perfect combination of nature and architecture at Mu Cang Chai Resort, where you will feel the delicate interplay between humans and nature in every smallest detail. Son Ha is always willing to support and accompany customers in every project to create classy and unique living spaces.

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