NABCO Circular Door Operator

The beautiful circular form creates a graceful and luxurious entrance without losing the superior features of automatic sliding doors. Its practical design contributes to a wider door opening for the overall space and a smaller windbreak room.



1) The door motor is based on the DS series (DS-75, DS-150) that employ advanced design to balance high-performance and downsizing.

2) The door offers a large choice of radiuses, from 1200 mm.

3) The microcomputer controller achieves the high quality operation and stable performance.

4) The ultrasonic support sensor enhances safety in the doorway area.


Technical data

*1 The door should be used under conditions where the door unit weight will not exceed the value defined in the specification. If the weight exceeds the specification, malfunction or accident will occur.

*2 The unit door aspect ratio should not exceed the value defined in the specification. If the aspect ratio exceeds the specification, the specified performance will be impaired.

*3 The speed varies according to the door weight or site environment.

Reference projects

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Circular Door Operator is an automatic door that slides open in the form of a circle. Primary site installation: Building, Hotel

Telephone Operator 24/7:+84913226008

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