NABCO Hermetic Swing Door - GT8400

NABCO GT8400 hermetic swing door has a double configuration that opens with two wings for the main door of the operating room or a single configuration that opens with one leaf for the side door of the operating room. NABCO GT8400 hermetic swing door meets EU level 2 airtight standards (EN 12207: Class 2) with good sound insulation.


→ Operating room

→ Hybrid operating room

→ Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

→ X-ray room


→ Reduces the risk of secondary infection due to bacteria or dust in the air

→ Maintain appropriate temperature and humidity in the room

→ Combined with an air pressurization system to control the environment well

→ Prevent and control radiation

Main features:

→ The door is 43mm thick and is made of 304 stainless steel or powder-coated steel with a core made of honeycomb material, good sound and heat insulation. The door is fitted with four-sided gaskets made of synthetic rubber DPDM, ensuring level 2 air tightness according to European standard EN 12207: Class 2.

→ Automatic control device uses all-steel mechanical motor and gearbox capable of bearing heavy loads, micro-electronic controller, smooth and efficient operation, strong spring closing mechanism , the device has passed the durability test of 1 million opening and closing cycles.

→ Radiation protection (optional)

Technical data

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