NET-DS DSN-60/75/150 is NABCO’s advanced system of automatic doors to enhance comfort and safe operations



“NET-DS” adopts CAN transmission and PDA with the sophisticated application. Easier installation and maintenance together with upgraded functionality and higher safety are realized. CAN stands for Controller Area Network. It is a serial communication protocol standardized by ISO, and used in auto industry, etc. CAN has such features as “simple connection”, “high reliability” and “real-time transmission.”

Noise reduction

The new reduction gear structure achieved 15% less of the noise compared to former door operator

High-power brushless DC motor

High-performance, compact and powerful motor provides smooth and comfortable atmosphere to passers-by.

Thermal protector

Thermal protector prevents a damage to the door operator. When the excess load is detected, the door operator will have the door  slow down. As far as operation continued, passers-by can walk through. After the excess load removed, the door speed will recover automatically.

Door hanger structure

The hanger rail made of stainless steel attached to the aluminum rail base and the durability was enhanced. The

quieter operation is also realized by adopting resin coated aluminum rollers in the door hanger.

NET-DS System adopts NET-HT which works an application for PDA compatible with Windows Mobile 6. NET-HT, the exclusive application allows PDA to set and adjust sliding door through communication adapter with bluetooth wireless connectivity. (To be used by NABCO sales distributors)

♦ All settings are selectable and visible with NET-HT

♦ All information is transmitted to the application

♦ Precise setting and simplified adjustment are available (fig.1)

♦ Digital control allows for monitoring the controller status (fig.2)

♦ All information is recorded and viewable  (fig.3)

♦ All settings are select

Optional Devices



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