NITTO Sliding Door Closer NSC/DSC series

Innovative solution adding full range self-closing feature as well as soft-closing feature to your sliding/barn doors



User-friendly design:

Easy for everyone to use. Smooth and quiet operation, ideal door closing motion achieved by Dual Speed Control (both door closing and soft-closing speed are fully adjustable.)



Long service life:

A long lasting product life time is achieved by our cutting-edge technologies, employed in the compact control device, fluid friction resistance and one-way clutch brake mechanism.



Light and smooth opening:

 The system is designed to assist in reducing the door opening resistance to achieve an easy and safe opening operation for all, including the elderly, small children, people of limited mobility and people who are otherwise carrying large packages or groceries. (Ref: Initial door-opening force is 6.7 N with DSC-C08 model and 5.7 N with NSC-C48 model when used on 40 kg door)



Easy and quick installation:

The only preparation needed before installation is to drill screw holes into the door frame for mounting rail. After that, all parts/devices can be installed by a screwdriver from the front, easily and efficiently.



Wide variety of models

A wide variety of models are available for different door types (wooden/steel/aluminum) and sizes (width/weight). Options for Interlocking sliding door and bi-parting configurations are also available.



Non-handed design, right/left convertible (C series)

The system can be used for both left and right hand sliding doors. It can be easily converted between left and right handing by a simple adjustment procedure.



For pocket doors (KS series)

This model is suitable for pocket door installation, allowing the components to be mounted at door opening side for easy access.



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