Advanced Program Switch APS-A10 for Automatic Sliding Door

Posted: 02/12/2019

User-friendly advanced program switch with multi-language application for automatic sliding door



♦ Color LCD offers excellent visibility for switching the automatic door modes for users

♦ Selectable operation modes: Door operation modes can be selected by end-user; Auto, Hold Open, One Way, Night, and Manual. Also, the position of the door opening can be configured at two levels: Full Open and Partial Open.

♦ Plural doors operated by one program switch: Maximum 4 doors’ can be connected and operated by one

♦ APS-A10. (wired connection between each door is necessary)

♦ Anti-insect / snow mode: To minimize unnecessary openings by flying insects and heavy snow, Anti-insect and/or Anti-snow mode can be activated when setting “Partial Open” of Open position parameter (only when using N Search sensor series)



♦ Multi-language setting: Multi-language is available in Door mode setting for user’s convenience (English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Russian)

♦ Error and operation history recording: Recorded information of malfunctioning parts and operation history (e.g. opening and closing cycles) can be traced for easier maintenance and troubleshootingin your automatic door.



♦ Power Voltage: 12VDC +/- 10%

♦ Current Consumption: Max 80mA @ 12VDC

♦ Dimension: 88 x 88 x 16.5 mm

♦ Net Weight: 250g




Source: Sonha Auto Jsc


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