Boon Edam Revolving Door Tourniket

Created in 1903, the Tourniket was originally constructed mainly from timber and had to be operated manually. Since then its construction and the technology within have evolved into a sophisticated and intelligent revolving door.



Options and Solutions of Automatic and Manual Revolving Doors

The Tourniket is available in a variety of finish and colour options. In many buildings a powder coated or anodised aluminium version is chosen which can be finished in virtually any colour you can think of. The wood cladded Tourniket takes you back to the early history of the revolving door and gives a classic retro look while a stainless steel or mirror finished look can create a modern or even futuristic look. This door is a particular favourite of ours.


Disabled Access and Emergency Egress

Besides a variety of finish and colour options, the Tourniket also offers a wide range of practical solutions that ensure the functionality of the entry in a building. When you design a building, you want it to be accessible for everyone, including, and perhaps especially, those with a physical impairment. Boon Edam developed the Autofolding Tourniket specifically for those situations where disabled access is required in a small lobby or entry. It is available in diameters starting from 2800 mm, whereas most revolving doors cannot offer disabled access in doors smaller than 3400 mm diameter. What makes the Autofolding Tourniket unique is the door set that can collapse itself automatically to create a completely free passage for wheelchairs and trollies.


Burglary Protection

Keep burglars out and upgrade your revolving door with our burglar protection package. Our RC3 burglar protection shield doors are now updated with a highly durable drive unit with an automated locking system.



Save time with automated shield doors compared to manual nightlocking doors.

Switch instantly between different operating modes, either day, night or secured.

Save extra energy during off-peak times with the automated winter position.


Technical data

Diameter / Unit Width (mm)


Height Under Canopy (mm)


Capacity (per minute)

2x 22 - 2x 46

No of Door Wings

3 or 4

Disabled Access


Emergency Exit*


Fail Safe / Fail Secure



Collapsible Door Set or Barrier



Stainless Steel

Powdercoated Aluminium

Anodised Aluminium


Reference projects

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