KBB 3/4 Wing Revolving Door KA023

KBB's superior designs for revolving doors provide an imposing entrance to any building, while serving as an airlock as well, to minimize a building's heating and air conditioning losses, therefore maximizing energy savings


Safety Functions

Operation Features

1. Continuous working mode

2. Go/Stop working mode

3. Remote control function


Key Components

1. Main control unit : SIEMENS from Germany

2. Operation program software : KBB

3. Transducer :  SIEMENS

4. Drive unit :  SIEMENS

5. Gear box : Sewdrive

6. Deceleration belt :  CONTITECH

7. Spot light : PHILIPS from Netherlands

8. Detection radar : Infrared, BEA from Belgium

9. High precision speed /position radar : HENGSTLER

10. Emergency stop button : KBB

11. Handicap button : KBB

12. Curved glass : YAOPI, security laminated glass

13. Planar glass: YAOPI, security laminated glass

14. Aluminium frame profile : JIHUA


Note : Similar with KA023, we had another model of 3/4 wings revolving door called KA061,different from KA023, there are several obvious pillars outside of  KA061 which covered the gaps on the door surface and make the whole door looks more aesthetic .



Technical data

Reference projects

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