Company Introduction

Posted: 20/10/2019

Company Profile

We are proud to be market leader


With nearly 20 years of experiences, we have been the market leader in supplying, installation and maintenance of entrance solutions and gate automation for residential, commercial and industrial applications in Vietnam.


Main products include:


Key partners:


Business philosophy:

“Honesty Creates Loyalty” -  Honesty creates loyalty among employees, partners and customers. Honesty creates satisfaction and dependability in customers.


Business strategy:

Quickly respond to market changes, continuously create differentiation by highest quality products, best services and professional management.


Core values:  



Supply smart entrance solutions with high level of aesthetics, safety, security, comfort, durability and environment friendliness.



Become the regional leading manufacturer and supplier of smart entrance solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications.


Typical Customers as Project Owners


Typical Customers as Prime Contractors


Typical Customers as Aluminum & Sash Contractors


Telephone Operator 24/7:+84913226008

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