Sheet shutter (Happy gate Monban) system not only improves the working environment such as protection from insect or dust control but also contributes to changing the way of thinking of everyone who works.

The first type of the high-speed sheet shutter MONBAN was born by functional improvement of the steel shutter and total sales exceed 150,000 sets. Market has been spread out by its dramatic air-conditioning effect, anti-dust effect and wind-resistance effect and the Monban brand has been recognized widely. Monban won the Medium and Small Business Research Center Prize and the Highest Prize of New Business Grand-Prix in 1991.

After that, won the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Prize in 2007. In 2010, all models of Monban received authorization of an eco-mark. The new model, the happy gate monban system, won the Japanese Grand Prix Prize for excellent work in 2012.

Monban High Speed Sheet Shutter (Japan)

Monban High Speed Sheet Shutter, it is not only improves working environment such as protection from insect or dust control but also contribute to changing the way of thinking of everyone who works.

Product line-up


1. Indoor High Speed Sheet Shutter (G Series)

Evolution of high-speed opening and closing, self-repairing system, silent, high durability and high grade airtight. Pipe-less shutter reborn, in more fast, more quiet, and more safety



Sheet out by collision is automatically return to the rails easily

Collision by lift and truck during the operation, the sheet will stop a while and slowly going up (0.5m/s) automatically return into the rails. The structure designed to convenience in case of power failure, woman can also easily get out by simply lifting the sheet.



Attaching the back-up power supply could secure the passage (optional)



Extra high speed

The operation of start-up sensor or switch will be ran by machine usually driving shorten opening time , efficiency operation is developed concurrently with the improvement of preventing of insect, dust, outside air and energy saving

Opening and closing speed you can change according to the application. Adjustable speed, please refer to the following specification.



Reversing opening for safety

phototube sensor detecting, scan going up except the lowest position

detect touching or bear while machine is running







Sheet both sides using MONBAN tube instead of conventional fastener for more silent operation and prevent damage.







High grade airtight

Air tight seal attached to the top frame with high insect and dust proof effect, and ideal for a variety of clean environment.

Carried out testing at JIS A 1516 indoor airtight examination center

Controller built in the top frame or side frame, saving wiring and space, Easy to move or relocate


Compact design. 40% compacter than the conventional model Suitable for the entrance of the factory and office


Please use separate controller if install to the location where the influence of water is assumed.


2. Outdoor High Speed Sheet Shutter (R Series)

Pipe-type with high grade airtight and high speed up ­t to all small to large opening size. Structure of pipe-type model with strong wind and pressure resistant is suitable for insect proof, dust proof, wind proof and cold proof.



Maximum width 10m.

Shorten the opening time, improves working efficiency, and contribute to energy saving and quality surplus by the change of indoor environment due to the outside air, insects and dust.



Pipe type with wind and air pressure strong resistant

High grade airtight

Tightly sealed to prevent a gap that can be from the bulge of the sheet by the wind and pressure difference. High grade airtight structure in the top frame and side frame.

New engine model Opening high speed 2.0m/s

High-speed opening and closing 2.0m/s by the new engine. Shorten the opening time at the entrance and contributing to improve working environment enhances the air conditioning effectiveness, insect proof and dustproof effect.



Bottom pipe cushion with strong structure. Less maintenance cost, soften the impact of the collision by the bottom pipe with cushion structure.


High effectiveness of insect proof and dustproof. Further improved air-tightness in combination with an air tight seal. Possible to prevent the fully closed of insects and dust intrusion, and achieve a higher quality control and clean working environment.


Effective of high visibility with high power saving. Compare with conventional clear transparency is developed secure safety when pass through and keep room brightness by contribute energy saving.





Separate controller.

Worry of condensation caused by rain and fog also resolved. Able to use together with separate countdown monitor for more safety.


Technical data

Indoor High Speed Sheet Shutter (G Series)

Outdoor High Speed Sheet Shutter (R Series)

Video Indoor High Speed Sheet Shutter (G Series)


Video Outdoor High Speed Sheet Shutter (R Series)

Reference projects

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