Monban High Speed Sheet Shutter R-Series

Sheet shutter ( Happy gate Monban) system, it is not only improve working environment such as protection from insect or dust control but also contribute to changing the way of thinking of everyone who works.



♦ Shorten the opening time, improves working efficiency, and contribute to energy saving and quality surplus by the change of indoor environment due to the outside air, insects and dust.

♦ Tightly sealed to prevent a gap that can be from the bulge of the sheet by the wind and pressure difference. High grade airtight structure in the top frame and side frame.

♦ High-speed opening and closing 2.0m / sec by the new engine. Shorten the opening time at the entrance and contributing to improve working environment enhances the air conditioning effectiveness, insect proof and dustproof effect.

♦ Less maintenance costs, soften the impact of the collision by the bottom pipe with cushion structure.

♦ Further improved air-tightness in combination with an air tight seal. Possible to prevent the fully closed of insects and dust intrusion, and achieve a higher quality control and clean working environment.


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