NABCO Folding Door Operator


The folding door needs no door pockets and occupies a small operation space to the front and rear of the door. The door is often used for partitions, corridors, operating rooms, powder rooms, and workrooms.



1) The folding door opens wide in a limited space and does not need door pockets.

2) A flat-floor structure, which has no grooves nor guide rails, has been achieved.

3) The unit automatically adjusts the driving force to achieve a consistent operating feel, regardless of door weight or external force, such as air pressure.

4) In the case of bi-parting type with two door motors, both right and left doors are automatically operated in synchronization.

5) The door is applicable to the overlapping structure of door ends (order adjusting function).


Technical data

*1 The door should be used under conditions where the door unit weight will not exceed the value defined in the specification. If the weight exceeds the specification, malfunction or accident will occur.

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SWICO Folding Door Operator

As a folding door, it is an automatic door that opens when the 2 doors connected with a hinge fold over each other. It is an automatic door that is suitable for places with narrow width.

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