As a folding door, it is an automatic door that opens when the 2 doors connected with a hinge fold over each other. It is an automatic door that is suitable for places with narrow width.


Folding automatic door operates based on the same principle as the swing automatic door. The roller which acts as a guide for the folding door moves along the groove of the upper mechanical box and the 2 doors which are connected with a hinge folds and unfolds.


Technical data

Model SF 2004


Kiểu mở

  Mở trượt gấp 90­
Bộ điều khiển Micom processor
Motor 45 W Fuji Micro DC Brushless Motor
Động cơ điện 1 chiều không chổi than
Điện áp AC 220 V  -  50 ~ 60Hz
Tải trọng cánh cửa Max 50 kg x 2 hoặc 50Kg x 4
Kích thước cánh cửa Max 700mm
Hộp kỹ thuật 150 x 170 mm
Tốc độ mở / đóng đến 90o 2 – 5 /s ( Có thể điều chỉnh )
Thời gian giữ cửa mở   0.5 to 13 s ( Có thể điều chỉnh)

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NABCO Folding Door Operator

The folding door needs no door pockets and occupies a small operation space to the front and rear of the door. The door is often used for partitions, corridors, operating rooms, powder rooms, and workrooms.

Telephone Operator 24/7:+84913226008

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