NITTO semi-automatic sliding door brand - Japan

NITTO semi-automatic sliding door brand - Japan

Nitto Kohki aims to make a social contribution by offering people-oriented products by leveraging our power- and labor-saving technology. We have a concentration of various technologies, including fluid engineering, materials engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and design engineering, which we accumulated over our corporate history.


A number of our unique products are used in various environmental conditions around the globe from the bottom of the ocean to the outer space. Our engineers pay meticulous attention by simulating the uses in various languages, use conditions and under diverse laws and regulations.


To swiftly deliver products that suit customer’s needs, we place a priority on training staff and hiring young engineers. We strive to overcome technical barriers to find market opportunities and bring unique products to market.


To offer safe and secured products to customers, we have our own research institute to conduct product development and research. Our engineers use measurement and analytical instruments and test equipment to ensure we offer products with superior quality.



Featured products

NITTO Sliding Door Closer NSC/DSC series

Innovative solution adding full range self-closing feature as well as soft-closing feature to your sliding/barn doors

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