SHA 120 sliding door operator integrated with remote program switch, advanced microprocessing controller and gear motor to provide strong dring and reliable operation.


1- Reliability

♦ Control unit: Receiving a detection signal from a sensor or other signal switch, driving the motor, and controlling the door to move in a set manner. Wide voltage power supply design, Built-in auxiliary light sensor, double door interlock and other multi-group interfaces, further improve product safety and versatility.

♦ Motor unit: The DC brushless motor with small size and high power is used to reduce the gearbox system with high transmission efficiency and low noise, and then drive the belt. The motor drive pulley metal made and has a long service life.


2- Convenience:

♦ Good modular design offers very easy installation. Only need to fit all components into the guide rail and connect each part well, it can work after activating the power supply.

♦ The remote program switch allows users to select various operational modes (automatic operation/hold-open/lock/half-open)


3- Safety

♦ When the door is closing, if it meets a pedestrian or obstacle, the door leaves will reverse automatically to prevent accident and door damage.

♦ In case of a power failure, the door leaves can be opened easily by hand with little resistance.



Technical data


Single Door

Bi-part Door

Maximum Door Weight

150 kg x 1

120 kg x 2

Manual Force

< 3 kg

< 3 kg

Open/Close Speed

100 – 550 mm/s (10 steps)

200 – 1100 mm/s (10 steps)

Motor Power

Brushless Motor 70 W

Controller Unit

Intelligent Controller with Micro Computer

Door Hanger

With double rollers can drive heavy door smoothly

Power Supply

180 – 250 VAC 50/60 Hz

Environment Temperature

-20oC +50oC


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