NABCO Automatic Doors Installation at AEON Mall Ha Dong

Posted: 27/02/2020

AEON Mall Ha Dong is the firm’s largest facility in Viet Nam equipped with technology-integrated services and environment-friendly design. Covering a total area of 150,000sq.m in Duong Noi Commune, the new mall is filled with 221 specialty stores from home and abroad, targeting mainly the families of young working couples. The 78 restaurants will account for about one-third of the total number of stores. The parking area will be able to accommodate 2,100 cars and 9,000 motorcycles. The mall will create about 3,000 jobs as a whole.

Taking AEON Mall Ha Dong – the second shopping mall in Hanoi by AEON Mall Vietnam Co., Ltd. – into official operation brings a new lifestyle destination to the people in the southwest of Hanoi. It officially came into operation on December 5, 2019.

The investment of NABCO automatic door operating system shows strong financial capacity and long-term commitment of AEON Mall in Vietnam. In detail, 50 sets of automatic doors have been installed on 4 floors in which 9 sets for the basement, 20 sets for 1st floor, 4 sets for the 2nd and 3rd floor and 17 sets for 4th floor.

Japanese retail giant AEON group has pledged to increase the number of its shopping malls in Vietnam to 20 by 2025 with more than $2 billion in additional investment. The next AEON Mall will be in Hai Phong. By 2020, AEON Mall also committed to reach USD500 million export turnover of Vietnam goods through AEON Mall.

The Japanese-owned AEON Malls provide local customers with Japanese service standards. One of the most important criteria to them is safety therefore the investor has spent a large amount of money on automatic door systems to ensure safety and comfort for pedestrians. The selected NABCO automatic doors are the most advanced product line on the market. NABCO is the top brand of automatic doors in Japan and has extended the business in many other countries with its superior technology and services since 1956.

To help customers identify the areas easily and not get lost in the  22,700m2 four-floor shopping mall, the automatic door systems are colored differently for specific areas such as yellow for the shopping mall, green for the entertainment, and purple for the restaurant avenue.

AEON Mall Ha Dong is the second project of AEON Mall in Hanoi using NABCO automatic door operators after the first one – AEON Mall Long Bien launched in September 2015. With its strong experience and reputation in the market, Sonha Auto is the only firm that meets the rigorous standard of Japanese investors. And due to that reason, Sonha Auto has been the selected contractor to install automatic doors in all 6 AEON Malls in Vietnam and one in Cambodia up-to-date which include AEON Mall Tan Phu, AEON Mall Tan Phu Celadon, AEON Mall Binh Duong, AEON Binh Tan, AEON Mall Long Bien, AEON Mall Ha Dong and AEON Mall Phnom Penh.



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