Sonha Auto celebrates its 19th anniversary: A journey to serve consumers

Posted: 07/06/2021

On 5th June 2021, Sonha Auto officially celebrated 19 years of joining the automatic door and gate market in Vietnam. During the 19-year journey, the company has become a bridge to bring the world's leading brands to domestic consumers through quality products.

Sonha Auto was established in 2002 operating in the field of access automation, focusing on the domestic market. Sonha Auto's products have been gradually becoming familiar to high-end projects in Vietnam.


Sonha Auto’s technical team

Following the success of key national projects like Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Noi Bai International Airport, Cam Ranh International Airport, etc., since 2018, Sonha Auto has expanded its market to Southeast Asia with important projects such as AEON MALL Sen Sok City, Garden in the Air Tower in Cambodia.

NABCO automatic operators at Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Up to now, automatic door and gate products of NABCO, SWICO, BFT, SOMMER, KBB have become familiar to Vietnamese consumers. According to experts in the access automation industry, in terms of market share, Sonha Auto occupies the top position, and this position has continued to be maintained for many years because of the after-sales service that customers have rated as "perfect".

Success continues to Sonha Auto when in 2020 Sonha Auto was recognized as NABCO's No.1 automatic door distributor in Asia and NABCO automatic door operators have also been selected for all AEON Mall projects throughout Vietnam (20 AEON Malls will be opened in Vietnam by 2025).


61 NABCO automatic door operators and 152 TOPP window actuators at AEON Mall Hai Phong

In October 2020, Sonha Auto officially established Sonha Auto Service Center (Sonha Auto Service Center) to optimize after-sales service. With this step, Sonha Auto officially entered the potential service market.

Deployment of automatic door maintenance at GO Supermarket

Preventive maintenance at Trang An Complex Building

Consumers centric and sustainable development strategy

Sonha Auto's business segments are all areas of high growth but also fierce competition in Vietnam. With a consumer-centric strategy, Sonha Auto has built its competitive edge by quality products, advanced information technology in installation and warranty management, strong brand, and ability to realize the great opportunities associated with the development of infrastructure in Vietnam.

The first automatic door company using ERP and QR Code warranty management system

Sonha Auto's production and business activities always ensure the overall harmonious development, minimizing the impact on the environment, creating employment opportunities, contributing to economic, social development and the state budget.

On this occasion, Sonha Auto also thanks our associates, partners and customers who have always trusted and cooperated effectively during the past 19 years. "Honesty and quality is the foundation that helps us step by step conquer the trust of customers, reflected in each product and service, and the commitment to quality. The trust and choice of customers are the measurement of the company's success", said a representative of Sonha Auto.




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