Sonha Auto creating cutting edge with erp

Posted: 21/06/2021

ERP is the common name of a desirable Enterprise Resource Planning software system that only a few corporations and big enterprises have enough budget, time and enthusiasm to implement.

The biggest difference between ERP and other management software is that everybody of any department in the company uses only one software with one database to handle his or her work.

Sonha Auto is the first automatic door enterprise in Vietnam that has successfully developed and applied an ERP system which is in line with the 4.0 corporate governance trend. The project started in August 2017, after a year, the first version was put into operation and until now, the software has been continually upgraded.

The ERP system is developed specifically according to the characteristics of the company's business activities to help manage the entire value supply chain from acquiring materials and equipment; looking for customers and projects; making price quotations; negotiating contracts; processing orders; handling delivery and installation; providing warranty and maintenance services; debt management and customer care.

Before applying ERP, Sonha Auto already made use of information technology in operation management with VPAR -  the customer relationship management software and FAST - the accounting software.

However, to meet the new requirements on corporate governance of transparent, timely and accurate information a combination of all decentralized softwares cannot work, only an ERP system is possible.

The ERP system is developed with a web version for personal computers and an app version for smartphones. The entire database is stored by cloud computing technology, users can log into the software and handle their work anywhere and anytime with just a smartphone connected to the internet.

ERP is especially useful for project management allowing quick, accurate and detailed information extraction of any stage from consultation, quotation, bidding, contract negotiation, ordering equipment and materials, installation history, acceptance and handover, process of payment and liquidation of contracts.

ERP is an effective tool for after-sales service thanks to electronic warranty management technology using QR Code. With a quick scan QR Code by mobile phone, all information about customer, project, product details, installation time, warranty period, user’s manual, history of warranty claim will be automatically updated.

ERP application is an inevitable management trend, an important step in the business development strategy, requiring each manager to equip their business early.

Considered as a "magic wand" in management, the ERP system is being applied in a number of organizations and businesses with high efficiency. “The biggest challenge when implementing an ERP project is people, because the new ERP system will completely change the old way of working. Before applying ERP, employees often performed data entry on separate software and papers making it difficult for management. The habit has been ingrained in every officer and employee for more than 10 years, making them very afraid of change," said Ms. Chuong Phuong Lan, chief accountant.

ERP implementation is more complex than other software, so it requires large investment costs, and long implementation time up to several years. However, the application of ERP solutions in production, business, installation and warranty is a trend of the future, because if successfully built this solution will save a lot of resources in the enterprise.

“The decision to invest in an ERP system at this time is a strategic decision of Sonha Auto, in order to upgrade the management capacity, prepare resources for fast growth of Sonha Auto in the near future. Besides, this investment is also a commitment of Sonha Auto to customers about the efficiency and quality of projects implemented by Sonha Auto, and this is also a commitment to partners on the efficiency of the company's production and business activities", said Ms. Trieu Thanh Binh, Strategy Director.

Specifically, with the "new" ERP system, Sonha Auto is aiming to build an enterprise resource management system that provides uniform and transparent information about all business activities, installation, warranty, according to international standard. From there, fully meet the future management capacity, and at the same time support customers more easily in evaluating and choosing services at Sonha Auto.

ERP is one of the important projects and has been highly focused by Sonha Auto to deploy during this time. After applying the ERP system to its head office in Hanoi, Sonha Auto will deploy it to branches and agents across the country from 2022.






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