Sonha Automatic JSC. turns 20 years of age

Posted: 07/01/2022

Sonha Auto JSC - 20 years old full of strength and confidence


Sonha Auto has been a leading enterprise in the access automation industry in Vietnam. After 20 years of operation, Sonha has truly become a home for employees overcoming difficulties and challenges together, becoming a place not only to work but also to live with all enthusiasm and trust in Son Ha.

During the course of development with a number of proud achievements as well as difficulties and challenges, Sonha has been a place to nurture dreams and give wings to the future for each member. Every successful milestone has the footprints of Sonha people who carry the ambition of "Always stay ahead" no matter if they already left or are still staying with Sonha.


 Ahead of time:

Founded on June 5, 2002, when Vietnam was still in the early stage of economic development, Sonha started entering the access automation industry. Turning 20 years of age, Sonha Auto has grown up now but still keeps renewing itself to change, adapt and develop in all circumstances to "always stay ahead".

NABCO - A brand that has accompanied Son Ha for many years

► Leading motivation:

Every working day at Sonha, we try our hardest to add value to customers. That way of working has created a constant motivation, helping the company to develop more and more. From the smallest to large projects, Sonha values and tries their best to bring satisfaction to customers. The motivation of each Sonha's member "Make breakthroughs - Always stay ahead" is formed from the smallest things.

Customers can access the latest products at the Showroom

 Leading people:

With the ambition of "Always stay ahead", each member of Sonha is the company’s ambassador who is professional in the way of working, communicating and acting with customers and partners. The professionalism and extended experiences make Sonha's employees the leading people in the access automation industry.

Understanding and providing solutions for all customers' problems is what Sonha has always done over the past years. With experience of supplying and installation for many large projects at home and abroad, Sonha sales staff are able to analyze and answer all questions that customers encounter.

Management and staff of Sonha Auto. JSC


Leading products:

Product quality has always been set top priority by Sonha Auto. That is why Sonha has cooperated and developed with today's leading big brands such as NABCO (Japan), BFT (Italy), SWICO (Korea)... All of these are long-standing brands in the access automation industry with dominant market shares in the world.

Therefore, each product of Son Ha is trusted by partners and contractors at key projects across the country. Durability, stability, modernity and high aesthetics are main features of products supplied and installed by Sonha.

NABCO Breakout Door at Thanh Cong Tower


NABCO Two-wing Revolving Doors at Capital Place

► Leading services:

Not only bringing quality products, Sonha also gives customers the best warranty and after-sales service. All products supplied and installed by Sonha will be warranted from 12 to 36 months in accordance with the manufacturers' standards with genuine accessories for replacement in the fastest time. When the warranty time expires, customers can choose the most suitable preventive maintenance package offered by Sonha.

Sonha’s Automatic Door Maintenance Team at The Parliament Office

► Next targets

Currently, Sonha Auto is honored to be the largest official distributor of NABCO and BFT in the Asian market. Our targets in the coming time are to expand the domestic distribution network, improve users' experience with IoT technology, and gradually explore overseas markets starting from Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar…



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