twist UG

For swing gates with a maximum wing width of 3.5 m and a maximum wing weight of 350 kg. Ideal for swing gates where the operator should not be seen.


Invisible in attractive gates

The operator is mounted in the floor and does not affect the appearance of the gate in any way. The design of the gate is accentuated.


Protection for you and your loved ones

The control technology monitors the movement forces according to EN 12445 by means of electronic motor monitoring. Continuously tested and programmed force values, also detects environmental changes (temperature, mechanical door wear, frost and ice) and compensates for these.

This ensures optimal security for people and vehicles at all times. SOMMER also offers additional safety accessories. (Photo eyes, safety contact strips, etc.)


Safety thanks to encrypted radio control system

The SOMloq2 bidirectional radio control system transmits radio signals in both directions. Feedback on the send command or the door position can be received. The rolling code is encrypted with 128 bits.


Power failure - what now?

To open your gate when there is a power failure, the mechanical emergency release can be activated manually with a key. Even if there is strong contact pressure on the operator, the release lock can be triggered with low application of force and you can get to your property.


Simple retrofitting of accessories

Thanks to our modular system, accessories can be installed quickly and at any time. Connection options for 8k2 safety contact strips are already integrated on the control unit by default. With the existing multi-function relay, you can connect and control external devices (e.g. yard light). You can also extend the convenience and safety functions of your operator at a later time if your requirements change.


Convenience in the event of a power failure

During a power failure, the operator can be run in emergency mode with our optional battery pack. You can sit comfortably and securely in your car at night or if the weather is bad.


Functions which make daily life easier

The walk-through function can be used to open a gate wing and reach the property by bike, for example. This makes an additional garden gate unnecessary, making it possible to fully utilise the whole width of your driveway. With the automatic closing function, you can be sure that the gate is always locked behind you. After the photo eye is passed, the gate automatically closes after a set time.

The operator uses the warning light to signal whether and when gate maintenance is needed. This considerably increases the lifetime of the gate and the operator.


Save money and protect the environment

The energy-saving operator consumes about < 0.5 watt of energy a year in standby mode, amounting to about €1.80 in electricity costs. It is thereby not only inexpensive to operate, but also environmentally-friendly.


Long lifetime thanks to gentle soft running

The gate and the operator are preserved thanks to the "Open" and "Close" soft running. Shortly before the gate end positions, the speed decreases, which preserves the mechanics and increases the lifetime. No annoying closing noises.


Reliable with frequent use

The operator is well-suited for multiple-family houses. Operating time 40% - that means in operation for 4 minutes out of 10.


Carefree with high-quality materials

The housing consists of stainless steel and stainless aluminium which withstands stress caused by weather. Optionally available with galvanised steel.




Technical data


twist UG

Temperature range

-25°C to +65 °C

Rated voltage

AC 220 - 240 V

Rated frequency


Max. torque

320 Nm

Max. opening angle


Operating time after S3 in %


Protection class

Operator IP 67 / Control unit IP 65

Reference projects

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