NABCO Automatic Door Operator

NABCO Automatic Door Operator

NABCO is now the leader and pioneer in the Japanese automatic door market and one of the major automatic door manufacturers in the world.

As the pioneer automatic brand in Japan, NABCO has been dedicated itself to improve the quality of access by automatic doors with their original technology over the half century.


In addtition to the fine quality entrance door, NABCO have also developed a strong portfolio of products for interior, barrier-free, and energy-saving to meet the needs of customers.


NABCO develop and provide a complete automatic door system with advanced technology from microprocessor-based controllers to their original automatic door sensors.


Featured products

NABCO Telescopic Door Operator

These double sliding doors' major advantage is an opening about 1.3 times wider than usual sliding doors. A narrow frontage opens as wide as possible, and a wide frontage opens even wider.

NABCO Revolving Door RL-Z

The central axis revolving door, commonly known as the "three- and four-wing revolving door", is a high-quality revolving door. From the cost of energy conservation to the use of intelligent safety features, every aspect of the revolving door has been carefully optimized so that Can meet the needs of our customers.


NABCO GT-20 Swing Door Operator

The GT20 Swing Door Operator is equally ideal for new installations and building upgrades. This non-handed

NABCO Hermetic Door (NAX Door)

NABCO’s new hermetic door with high air tightness, aesthetic and safety. With the original hermetic mechanism, NAX provides high air tightness in a optimal way for various scenes.

NABCO Circular Door Operator

The beautiful circular form creates a graceful and luxurious entrance without losing the superior features of automatic sliding doors. Its practical design contributes to a wider door opening for the overall space and a smaller windbreak room.

NABCO Folding Door Operator

The folding door needs no door pockets and occupies a small operation space to the front and rear of the door. The door is often used for partitions, corridors, operating rooms, powder rooms, and workrooms.

NET-DS Sliding Door Operator

NET-DS DSN-60/75/150 is NABCO’s advanced system of automatic doors to enhance comfort and safe operations

NATRUS Sliding Door Operator

NATRUS V-60/85/150SL is NABCO’s future-standard automatic door with priority on safety complying with European highest safety standard (EN16005) and Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS A4722).

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